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Tony was 18, had brown hair, brown eyes and was of average build. He had a steady job working in town as a mechanic. He got off work everyday around 3 p.m. and headed straight home, usually sparkin a joint on his way. His day was very routine, he would come home, finish or start a joint, grab a bite, take a shower, and then just hang around the house doing whatever to kill the time. Showering was Tonys favorite part of the day. Showers were very relaxing to him after a hard days work, and because he would masturbate in the shower, it was even better.

April 20th was a slow day at work for Tony, it rained heavily the entire day. He finished his work early and then just /hung/">hung out with his co-workers for most of the day. They ate lunch around 2 p.m., Mason, his boss, had left some extra bbq in the fridge. Then they chated for an hour before Tony left.

As usual, he smoked a joint on his way, and had a little more when he got home. He came inside the house, poured a bowl of Lucky Charms and headed for his room. He sat down in his favorite chair and ate his cereal. He glanced at the clock, his /girlfriend/">girlfriend wouldnt be home for another half-hour or so. "Better get in the shower." he thought. He finished his cereal and began undressing. 

Undressing was always easy for Tony, considering he never wore /underwear/">underwear. "Its more comfortable." he always said. But the real reason he liked it was so his dick could sway freely when he walked, he loved the way it felt rubbing against his leg.

He took his shirt off in his room and unzipped his pants, sliding them off when he got to the bathroom. He looked at his dick in the mirror and smiled. He was thinking about his girlfriend and it had gotten him turned on. He started to rub his dick before he turned on the water. He climbed in the tub and turned on the shower, he again started to fondle his dick as he rinsed off and began to relax. 

He thought about how nice it would be if his girlfriend, alain lyle porn Danielle, was there as he washed up. He wondered if he could convince her to have /shower/shower-sex/sex-in-the-shower/">sex in the shower, or if maybe she would give him a blow job. He reached for the shampoo, and this delighted him. For some reason, washing his hair was always the most relaxing part of his shower. He reached down and turned up the heat, poured some shampoo in his palm and began stroking his hands threw his hair. He turned around, facing away from the shower head and began to imagine Danielle with her mouth around his dick. He washed his hair and thought about Danielle giving him a blowjob the whole time, which really got him goin. His dick washanging as low and it could before it starts to come up. He loved it, the feeling of his dick hanging there, when the blood first starts to flow was the greatest for him.

He reached for the soap again, he had saved washing his dick for last. He rubbed the bar of soap between his hands and got them all lathered up, then stood up straight letting the water flow on his head and drip down his back. He reached down with one hand andgrabbed his balls, then wrapped the fingers of the other hand around his dick and started rubbing. He always took his time doing this, and since he was already horny, he took his time even more so. 

With the combination of the hot water, the thoughts of his girlfriend, the feeling his dick gave him, and the fact that he was rubbing it made his dick get really hard, really fast. Tony made a mental note of how thick his dick got, "Oh, how Id love to have this spreading open Danielles cunt." When his dick was fully erect he cupped his balls and began stroking his cock slowly. He wiggled the fingers around his balls and felt a jolt of pleasure shoot up his spine. The feeling was orgasmic, it made his knees buckle a bit. 

The hot water ran down the front of his face and almost got in his eyes, but the thoughts of his girlfriend made it insignificant. He was really getting into it, he could almost feel her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy around his dick. He turned around to let the water shoot on his balls, he loved the warmth and vibration it caused. He thought about how hot Danielles cunt would be right now, and how nice it would feel to have her hot juices saturating his dick. It felt like his dick was getting even harder, like it was going to pop right out of its own skin. He leaned forward and let the water heat up his shaft, he started to say Danielles name like he did when he fucked her, and imagined her screaming his back at him. 

He started pumping his dick faster, "Danielle....Oh, DANIELLE!" he thought, "Tony, oh baby, fuck me!" he imagined. He indian santali xvideo stroked faster, and started pushing his hand down farther so it would slap his balls on hisdownstroke. The feeling of his balls being stretched back down always sent shivers through his body, giving him the feeling of cumming. He squeezed his balls with his free hand and rolled them between his fingers, pumping his dick harder, imagining Danielle sliding up and down his shaft. 

He began thinking of her, pinned between him and the shower wall, getting the fuck of a lifetime. With the hot water running down both their bodies, making the room humid and steamy, increasing the lust between them. He would have her screaming by now he thought, that /sweet/">sweet moan she let out when her orgasm hit, the one that always made him blow his load. He dreamed it, and sure enough, he could feel his balls tighten and his back arch. His nuts were ready to blow, "Danielle!" he yelled, dreaming of her moan. He squeezed his balls tighter to prolong his orgasm,pluming his cock even faster. 

Finally, he let free of his balls and blew his load all over the place, "oh god.." he sighed as his jizz squirted out dick over and over again. He could barely stand, weak from the brutal orgasm he just had. He kept stroking his dick as it went soft in his hand. He bent over and turned off the water, letting the last few drops fall on his head.

 He grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower, glacing at his cock in the mirror. "Still /fat/">fat as hell." he thought with a smile. "Cant wait till Danielle gets home."