taking punishment

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taking punishment

"""you will be taken from here to be executed by hanging in accordance with the law. Your execution is set for tomorrow."

Hearing those words Marie was stunned as the two guards in the dock hurried her down the steps and back into her holding cell.

She had not stolen her mistresses necklace! But still she was now sat in a dark, damp cell with no light save a shaft from the small slit in the door.

The door opened with a crash and she cowered in the corner as a man entered ... ...Bring her outside into the light" he ordered the guards who hustled Marie out and into a well lit windowless room.

"Let me introduce myself" said the man in charge " I am your executioner and for your sake I will tell you how we will proceed in the morning when we come to despatch you to your maker"

"First, you will be stripped naked so at leave this world as you entered it"

"Your wrists will be tied behind your back, the execution rope will be laid across your shoulders and you will be taken outside the prison and up the 13 steps of the gallows " the gallows will have a cover across the back to shade the gentry that have paid for a better view of things, as you reach the top and pass into public view the crowd will cheer you on your way " you must kneel naked before the priest who will administer your last rites, then you will xnxxv sunny leone video be placed under the gallows beam and the rope will be fixed to the gallows and then the noose placed round your neck"

"After some words from the priest, the lever will release plunging you to your death " but it will not be instant for you have to pay for your sins, death will come to you as a blessed relief from the agony of your death throes as you struggle for air"

"This can take many minutes and will be excruciating in its pain " you will struggle and twist and turn on the rope end as you desperately try to breathe in air but the choking rope will have tightened around your soft white neck and will tighten more with each movement you make"

"When death has overtaken you the crowd will be allowed to grope and caress your dead flesh " after an hour your corpse will be taken to be dissected and all your vital organs will be removed and preserved for public display " the remainder of your body if not needed by the medical men will be burnt with the city refuse. You will have no funeral, no ritual, no resting place."

The words were said as one passes the time of day " no emotion or excitement.

"You may beg for a different death which will, when it comes be swift, instant and without pain " for that you will have to perform well with your body on the scaffold"

"You may choose this death in which the hangmans drop will be exactly right to break your pretty neck in an instant " delivering death to you with no pain, no struggle " you will then be buried naked and in no coffin in Gods earth in unconsecrated ground"

"You should know how you can earn this honourable and swift end to your petty life " you will be fixed by cord tied to your two wrists to the gallows beam " you body will be raised from the ground and cords tied to your ankles will spread your legs apart " then the man who has paid to highest price will approach you and fuck your body from either side he chooses " he must be satisfied and spent when he withdraws

Then your will be made to kneel in front of the next highest bidder for your services you must take his penis in your mouth and serve him well " he must withdraw completely satisfied and with his load spent into your body.

Then you will be tied across a table face down so that the third highest bidder can take you in whichever place he wants, your vagina or your arse hole. He must also leave you satisfied and empty of seed.

Each of these three must be completely satisfied that you used all you body to serve him, contracting your vagina round a penis, milking a penis, receiving him wherever he enters you. Any of the three who is not satisfied can order your slow death on the scaffold.

You can then choose on of the three to fuck you again in any position you want but you must make him come deep in your body and must thrill him as he ejaculates. If he cannot spend his load then you die slowly. If he does then you choose another who you must mount and ride him until he ejaculates into you. Then the third man must be taken and you must make him ejaculate over your breasts for all to see. 

Finally all three men must take you at once on in your mounth, another in your and the other taking you from behind in your arse " if you can make all 3 come in you at the same time then you walk free. If any of them does not come then you die " but swiftly."

You should know that the 3 men will be entertained by the most experienced lovers that money can buy during the night before your end " they will be fucked dry by the end of the night " you and the moment must excite them to three further ejaculations eaqch " or you die very slowly with the rope dampened to stop it constricting round your neck so that death comes more slowly."

"Now choose which way you will entertain the crowds on the morning " is it to be the execution by slow strangling and struggling as you dance at the end of a rope? Or will you use your soft body to thrill those who pay highly to fuck you? Thrilling the crowd with your bodies movements and your power over mens bodies?"

Marie was stripped, made to bathe and then her wrists were bound behind her back " a coarse hemp rope was laid round her shoulder for her to carry the means of her death to the scaffold.

Two others were to be executed that morning, a man and another young woman.

These were brought together into a small courtyard near the gate. All three stood naked, with the rope about their necks which could execute them swiftly or slowly.

They were made to mount the scaffold and as they came into view the crowd roared with delight to see them

The man was to be despatched first " he had no offer of using his body to excite others - Marie and the other girl were made to kneel at the edge of the pit facing him as he was placed under the beam and the rope was fixed round his neck.

His firm body sweated profusely as his penis began to become erect at the prospect of his death. His bound hands fought to gain release " as an act of grace his ankles were tied together to reduce his death struggles.

A white cloth was placed over his head and then instantly he was gone, dropped into the pit, the rope taught now round his neck as his body fought for air. His penis became bigger as hi grew and Marie wondered at the waste of such a life as his member appeared to expand below in the drop. Marie and the other girl were made to watch as for many minutes the body struggled and twisted until finally it still and lifeless.

The body was hauled up by the rope round the corpses neck and the body was laid real forced anal against her will before them " his erect penis stabbing the air with its firmess.

The other girl was made to mount the dead man and take his member in her cunt and
Made to fuck him until his body jerked his seed into her as little by little his body parts died and began to decay " the almost instinctive reaction from his dying body members.

Seeing that the crowd were delighted at her performance the girl almost smiled as she pulled off him, his cum dripping down her legs.

She was then taken and prepaed for a swift death as the rope was measured against her, her legs tied and a hood over her head and she plunged to instant death before Maries eyes " at the pit no sign or movement came from the naked body as the corpse hung limp and lifeless beneath Marie.

"Choose now " do you think you can gain a release by your satisfying these men "" pointint to three men sat under the awning.."or even just as swift an end as hers?" the executioner pointed at the dead girl who was being hauled up from the pit and was then laid on a table for any man who wanted to take his pleasure with her body.

Marie stumbled as she was raised to her " I will""""