Revenge is sweet

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Revenge is sweet

I know that revenge is wrong! At least that is what everyone says. However, in Dakota's case it was not only right, it was /sweet/">sweet! Now you have to first know Dakota back then, when it first began.

Dakota is the kind of woman that bloomed late in life. When she was in high school she was on the chubby side, okay she was /fat/">fat! And she did not seem to have the kind of personality that jumped out at you. For the most part she was a quiet and shy girl. She only had a few real friends. Her mom insisted that she not cut her brown hair, so it was long and always looked stringy. She did not wear makeup and her clothes were always real baggy. She was only 5'-6" tall and we won't say what her weight was. But you get the picture, right?

The most tramatic time for her was during high school years. One weekend her neighbor, Danny and his friends.,decided that she was going to be their favorite toy for the weekend. It was all Danny's idea in the first place. He knew that Dakota wanted to fit it so badly, to be a part of the "in" crowd. He also knew that her parents were gone for the weekend so it would be the perfect time for their "/party/">party."

Danny was cunning and smart, to me he was a real creep. However, he was in the "in" crowd so that made all the difference. I never heard all the story about what happened. I only pieced together the bits and pieces I heard. Danny and his friends came over to Dakota's house and they all started drinking and smoking dope. Pretty soon they had Dakota flying high so when they thought that she was drunk enough they teased and joked with her into dancing for them. Then they got her to strip for them until she was naked as the day she was born.

Now Danny and his friends decided that they were ready for the next step in their plans. They all got naked too! Now you can guess what happened to poor Dakota! They spent the rest of the night and all the next day fucking her all over. Even when she sobbered up they kept it going because they and video taped her earlier, dancing and sucking their dicks. Now it was blackmail pure and simple. When they finally had finished, late Saturday evening, poor Dakota and been fucked in every hole and had sucked every dick at least twice! Danny just laughed at her as he left her house with her lying on the bed in her room, naked, /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum, and crying.

Now I came onto the scene several years later. Dakota have moved away shortly after the incident to her Aunts house in another state. Now she had come back and she wanted REVENGE! Dakota did not look the same, she was no longer fat. She had lost weight and filled out nicely. Her 38D's were fantastic and she had the greatest ass I have ever seen. We had become friends and we shared a lot of secrets together. I never tried to get it on with her, she always seemed above that, you know what I mean? Not that she was too good or anything, its just that things were good so why mess it up.

Anyway she told me one night what had happened to her. Not the gross details just in general like I did here with you. Then she said "I know that Danny still lives in this town and I want to get him back so /bad/">bad. I want him to feel the humilation, and the degradation that I felt. But I need help in getting him back" she said so calmly. It startled me she was so calm about it. "What do you want me to do" I asked. "I will not fuck the guy for you so forget that" I said sternly.

Dakota just laughed and said "No, I have a few girl friends that are going to handle Danny. I need you for the muscle part! I want you to get him to the house that I am renting out in the country. Then we will take over and you can either watch or just leave" she said. "Okay, you got a deal" I said as I reached out to shake her hand. "One questions" she asked "what do I have to do for you in return?" Easy decision on my part "When we are both ready, you will spend the weekend with me and we will have /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex ever" I offered. "When I am ready then" she replied.

Well it was easy for me to get Danny to the farm house. I accidentally met him at his favorite bar and I bought him a few beers. I then slowly feed him this line that I knew where there was a hell of a party but I hated going alone without a wing man to cover me. He offered to go since we were now friends and all. I called Dakota and told her that we were ready, she said that they were all ready too. So I headed over to the farm house with Danny.

It only took about twenty minutes to get there and all during the ride I talked about all the fine action that was there. I only knew that Dakota was there but I lied through my teeth! When we got there we casually walked in and there were five woman sitting or standing around drinking and laughing, the music was loud too. I let Danny take the lead and I stood back my the front door. The woman were all talking with Danny. Now none of them were under 5'-8" tall and all of them were heavy!

Dakota then came into the room and she was hot with a capital HOT! She had her hair still cut short but styled back and she was wearing this black leather corset with crotchless panties and she had a riding crop in her hand. Danny had his back to her the whole time! She then stopped the music and said "Ladies, now!" Danny spun around and saw Dakota. I don't think he knew her at first, but then she cleared the air for everyone. "Danny you and your friends spent a weekend fucking me and making me suck all of your dicks! You did not care about me as a person, I was just a fucking piece of meat. Now my friends and I are going to show you what it feels like. We got everyone else back and I have the videos to prove it. Now it is your turn you son-of-a-bitch" she said as she spat out the words like venom.

Danny started to head for the door, where I was, but the other woman grabbed him and two of them slammed him down onto the floor. Then I saw that the other woman had taken off their clothes and they were dressed similiar to Dakota's outfit. "Danny boy these ladies are members of my college soriety and they also are members of the womans weight lifting club. Any one of them can kick you ass" she said as she turned on the music again. Then all the woman turned on him like sharks! Then all were taking his clothes off, tying his hands behind his back and grabbing his cock!

They picked him up and put him on the coffee table where they proceeded to make him eat their pussys one at a time. I left at that point, after the first three went down on his face. They made his eat them until that came. If he did a bad job they would ram a dildo up his ass! He did not do a bad job after the first introduction of the dildo. I left the party then, I knew that they had all the "muscle" they needed.

I saw Dakota two days later. I asked her what happened. She laughed as she told me all that they had done to him. They made him eat their pussys several times, they fucked him with their own strap on's and sometimes they did both at the same time! She said that by the time they had stopped he was begging for them to just leave him alone. They did not let him cum one time either! That blowjob porn videos must have drove Danny /crazy/">crazy! Yes, she recorded the event to show around. She said she wanted everyone to seen Danny covered in their cum and at the end, each woman pissed on him as well.

I did not see Danny much after that last time. I heard someone milf porn videos say that he moved out of town. Seems the word spread fast. As for Dakota and me? Well, that is story for another time!