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Alicia sat down grumpily at her school desk, several of the boy old waman xxxgx looked her way as she dropped heavily into the seat, her prominent chest bounced slightly with the movement.

She was a pretty girl, her long /blonde/">blonde framed her face perfectly. However in her class there where prettier girls, much prettier girls. They got the attention that Alicia craved so badly. In attempts to get the attention she had gotten several tattoo’s and many thing pierced. All but one thing.

She felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck, her head spun round and she glared intensely at the most popular boy in school, on his desk were a pile of little paper balls, perfect ammunition for unsuspecting bare skin.

Alicia, quick to react stuck her middle finger up at him, this action was not missed by the /teacher/">teacher, who was quick to send her home for the afternoon.

Walking down the road, on her way home Alicia wondered what she was going to tell her parents this time. She was always getting into trouble for what she knew was only retaliation. 

Tired, frustrated and bored with her life, Alicia slumped against a tree in the middle of the street. She sat there for a while when eventually a car pulled passed. In this car where about three lads and a girl in the back seat. They stopped in front of Alicia and the driver got out.

’Ditching school?’ he asked, mildly impressed,

’Suspended.’ Alicia retorted, slumping her shoulders heavily.

’Wanna come for a ride?’ he asked, motioning towards the car.

In her moment of frustration all common sense completely eluded her and she got into the car.

She got into the back, where a /brunette/brunette-girl/">brunette girl sat, slumped back in the seat, fingers gently caressing her denim covered thy.

’Name.’ One of the guys demanded,

’Alicia’ she replied, not taking her eyes off the girl next to her, her head was back against the seat, her eyes closed and her lips parted just enough for Alicia to see teeth,

’Want some?’ the third guy asked, offering her a joint, Alicia shrugged and took a long drag, coughing heavily afterwards causing the guys to laugh. The girl just continued doing her own thing.

’Why you get suspended?’ the driver asked, his eyes on the mirror watching the other girl,

’My ex!’ Alicia sighed, leaning back against the seat, ’What I wouldn’t do to get back at him.’

A boy with greenish tints to his hair smiled and winked, ’what did you have in mind?’ he grinned, devilishly, ’we happen to specialise in payback.’

’I dunno, just something that says ’Fuck-you-with-a-cherry-on-top.’ Preferably my cherry.’ She giggled,

’So you’re a virgin.’ The driver pondered aloud, the revenge thoughts already forming in his mind, he brushed his blonde hair out of his eyes and smiled. ’How badly you wanna get at him.’ 

’So badly’ she laughed, ’I’m leaving town next week, moving’

’So a farewell fuck-you then?’ the smoker laughed.

’Uh-huh’ she nodded

’What school you from?’

’St. Giles.’ 

The car spun around and started heading in that general direction, ’I have an idea!’ blonde driver announced, ’but you have to trust me completely.’ 

Alicia thought about it, and finally nodded, ’anything.’ 

The car pulled to a stop in front of the gates, Benny, prepare her, the driver said as he jumped out the car and sat open-legged on the hood of his car.

Alicia raised an eyebrow as ’Benny’ pulled her top few buttons open so her cleavage was practically hanging out over the thin white cotton, he checked his watch and as if on cue the bell rang and students can pouring onto the yard.

Alicia got out the can as she had been instructed and walked cautiously to the /blonde/blonde-guy/">blonde guy on the hood, who pulled her over to him and sat her between his legs. He pulled her body close to his stomach and he spread her legs.

Suddenly Alicia understood what she was supposed to do.

She threw her head back against the blonde guys shoulder, her fingers moving over he cotton-covered clit, she licked her lips as the person behind her fingered her nipples, pinching and tweaking them causing them to stand out like bullets, sending vibrations right down to her pussy.

Alicia moaned, as she moved her fingers under the now soaked-through cotton panties, fingering her clit lovingly. The two other boys, watched the display on the hood of the car, mindlessly rubbing their rapidly growing erections. 

Alicia yelped as her partners teeth clamped lightly on her neck, she also felt a foreign finger work it’s way into her tight virgin pussy.

Millions of teenage eyes watched, non so filled with jealously as that of the most popular boy in school.

The blonde boys finger was joined by another, until three fingers eventually worked her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy, rubbing her clit ferociously.

After a few minutes Alicia came violently, spilling her juices all over the strangers hand. With that she jumped off the hood, did up the top buttons on her white shirt and pulled her plaid mini skirt back down to a decent level.

Her green eyes scanned the crowd and landed on the boy she was looking for, with a wink and a ’fuck-you’ sign she jumped into the car and the new friends drove off laughing, leaving a lot of very stunned and aroused bokep sma pecah perawan students all watching. Along with a lot of very annoyed teachers, refusing to acknowledge their own arousal.