An encounter at the Sea Conclusion

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An encounter at the Sea Conclusion

I came up from under a wave. The surf had loosened by suit. It slipped below my tan line and revealed my fur trail below my navel. I made no move to hoist it up. I wiped the water from my eyes. There he was, directly ahead of me. I know he saw me surface.

Just then, he thrust his arms ahead of him, pointed his hands, jumped and dived. The arch of his back gleamed a wet golden rose in the setting sun light. The round of his ass mounted high. The trunks of his thighs tight xxx together, merged down to the point of his heels in a graceful arc. For a moment he vanished. Then, light a great dolphin, his hands, then his broad shoulders, and narrow waist shot upward from the water. His speedo had slipped. The white of his hips, the line of his buttocks called to me. Without looking back, again he dived. Again he emerged in a great splash. The suit line was down even further. His ass was screaming out to my cock which had hardened so rapidly that its head was all but thrusting out from the confines of my suit. Then, he turned. His dark blond hair ran in streams down across his face. The shoulders, round and full sauntered forward. The arms strode widely, biceps flexing. Down from his narrow waist, so richly defined by the sculpted muscles of his stomach, his suit has slipped to where it was held in place only by the rod of his fully fleshed, but apparently still flaccid manhood. He was facing me. He was approaching me.

Me heart beat so violently, I felt the blood rush from my head. Was this a threat? Was it an approach? I wanted to turn and run, but I was transfixed by this god from the sea moving toward me.
He smiled. He stopped just before me. A waver crashed around us. It caused him to stumble. He fell against me. For the slightest of seconds I felt his wet and warm skin against mine; felt the smell of his hair, his body, the salt, the water.

He steadied himself. He looked down at my thrusting pole hidden within my suit just beneath the water line.
?Hey?, he said. He smiled. ?It?s ok.?
I trembled. I would not trust myself. Would not trust my ears, my eyes.

?It?s ok?, he repeated. He lowered himself in the water before me, his arms and hands extended on either side of him. ?It?s ok.? Again he said it.

Then, without another word, he plunged his head under the water, reached his hands around my suit and pulled it down. Suddenly, his mouth was fully around my throbbing cock. I looked down. There before me, floating out from between my legs, his blond hair streamed like sea porn videos download grass while his tongue and lips enveloped me. The cum was at the tip of my dick and ready to fly when he pulled away. I clenched my stomach and held in my load. 

Still in the water, he flung himself out on his back and as he did so, ripped down his suit.

Floating before me was the fullness of his naked body, a sculpted god of shining marble, yet soft and wet and pink in the sunset and rising up from the water, tall and straight, the thickest and fullest cock I had ever seen. The shaft was dense and white, the head fully round and delicate.
?Your turn?, he whispered. 

I fell to my knees. The water was up to my chin as he floated, legs spread before me. My hands reached out and grasped first his slight ankles. Then slowly, I pulled him toward me, moving my touch upward to his dense calves then his massive thighs and finally the round of his ass cheeks. For a moment I only gazed at the erect manhood before me rising up from the water as he lay floating on his back. Then bending forward, I licked the head, then the shaft of that hot and hard yet delicately soft /male/male-sex/">male sex. The salt of the water hinted at the taste to come. I sucked and licked and gorged myself on his manhood as I pushed it deeper into my mouth as my hands clutched at his ass cradling him upward. But his dick was not enough. My mouth craved more. My lips moved to the squares of his stomach, to the hollow of his navel. Upward I rushed, my hands now beneath his broad back as I moved against his chest and nipples, so pink and wet and /sweet/">sweet. The pit of his throat could not escape me and from there up his chin where my tongue delighted in the feel of the stubble of his beard. His forehead, his eyes, his nose, I had to taste them all. Then I fell upon his mouth. His lips parted and our tongues thrust to the depths of our throats.

He slipped from my grasp and moved to his knees. We were now both face to face, the water around us.
?I want you in me? he said. And with that, he floated up, raised his legs around my waist, and positioned his ass above my cock. His chest, wet and warm clung against mine. His arms, full and round embraced me. His hands seized the back of my neck.

And with a great thrust I felt the heat of his ass wrap itself around my pulsing member.

The water splashed. The His skin slid against me. Up and down he thrust his ass against me. Again and again. Hard against my stomach I felt the spear of his dick, slipping in the water yet tight upon me. His mouth pressed against mine. Salt water mixed with the taste of his tongue. The smell of his wet hair filled my nose. His dick seemed to grow harder, seemed to mount higher against me. Its head rushed across my pointed nipples. A thrust to the bottom of my shaft. I felt the weight against my tightened balls. He sealed himself against me and in a violent rush that ceased breath and heart I exploded within him. And within a second he pulled me so tight against him that his cock seemed to penetrate my stomach. His head lunged backward and with a moan that rose from his deepest parts, he shot against me. The white cum thickening in the water and rising in violent spurts against my chest.

We crumbled into the water. Slowly we crawled to the shallows where we collapsed into each others arms. Tiny waves lapped around us.
?Can I see you tonight?. He asked.